NEW! Raising the Perfect Puppy: The Practical Guide on How to Be Your Own Dog Whisperer

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Check out my new book, Raising the Perfect Puppy coverPerfect Puppy: The Practical Guide on How to Be Your Own Dog Whisperer. It’s available right now on Amazon Kindle, available in a 164 page soft cover version. Click the link below to buy it on Amazon.

Raising the Perfect Puppy: The Practical Guide on How to be Your Own Dog Whisperer

There are tons of dog books on the market, but they all seem to have one flaw – they don’t take you by the hand and help you get over the hurdles that everyone encounters when trying to solve their dog’s obedience problems. As a dog owner, I know this can be very frustrating. Too often the books are either more of an autobiography of famous dog trainers – what good will that do you? – or they are so complex that you give up in frustration.

Raising the Perfect Puppy was written with this in mind – to help the average person, young or old or anyone in between, train their puppy or dog of any age to be well-behaved, obedient and fun to be around. It is family oriented, so even a child can learn to care for and properly train their dog, step-by-step.

This Book is for People Who Don’t Know How to Get Their Dog to Behave

Raising a dog is hard work. Does it seem more like art than science? Experts make it look easy, but if it was everyone would have well-behaved dogs that never bark too much, poop on the neighbor’s lawn, chew up shoes or furniture and always do what they’re told.

Something must be wrong with most dog training books. A few puppy training books have the right idea – to think like your dog using dog psychology and help them behave like a dog should. But there’s still something missing – a key that would make dog training, raising puppies and living with your dog so much easier!

This missing key is the hard part of dog training. The rest is pretty easy. In fact, unless your dog has major issues due to some form of neglect, your dog wants to please you more than almost anything! Unlocking this overlooked part of puppy training will help you
• Gain control over an out-of-control dog with 2 simple changes
• Develop a healthy relationship with your dog
• Say goodbye to problem behaviors like chewing, jumping, digging, barking and biting
• Eliminate potty accidents
• Learn how to ease your dog’s anxiety problems for good
• Stop your dog from pulling on the leash
• Show your child how to take responsibility by helping to care for the dog

Learn How to Use Proven Methods Laid Out in a Step-By-Step Easy to Follow Format

In this book, I’ll walk you through the training process step-by-step. You’ll find this a refreshing change from many confusing books on dog training that leave you hanging. Written for the novice dog owner and veteran alike, this book won’t assume you know everything about dogs while also not boring you with unneeded technical details.

Raising the Perfect Puppy will take you further in a comprehensive but practical how-to guide that is geared toward the whole family, adults and kids alike. Chapters include understanding dog behavior and communication, choosing the best dog, FAQs on housebreaking your puppy, providing your dog’s most important needs so they’ll be healthy, obedient and well-behaved, training your dog commands like sit, stay, drop it, leave it and much more!

This Book will Save You Time and Frustration by Avoiding Methods that are Impractical, Harmful or Just Don’t Work

Inside you’ll find techniques that work and are safe and humane for your dog. If you want real results pick up a copy and see for yourself that you really can learn how to be your own dog whisperer and train your dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

Buy it here on Amazon and see just how simple it can be to train any dog – Just click this link:

 Raising the Perfect Puppy: The Practical Guide on How to be Your Own Dog Whisperer